What Is Montessori?

Montessori Education

Dr Maria Montessori devised a method of education in the 20th Century that is based on self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play.  Having studied the social and intellectual development during a child’s early years, Maria Montessori was one of the primary educators who understood the great importance of Early Year’s learning and her method of teaching is still applicable today.

In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop to their full potential.

Montessori classrooms are beautifully crafted environments designed to meet the needs of children in a specific age range. Dr Maria Montessori discovered that experiential learning in this type of classroom led to a deeper understanding of language, mathematics, science, music, social interactions and much more.

Every material in a Montessori classroom supports an aspect of child development, creating a match between the child’s natural interests and the available activities. Children can learn through their own experience and at their own pace. They can respond at any moment to the natural curiosities that exist in all humans and build a solid foundation for life-long learning.

Burgh Wood Montessori Activities

The teaching staff within Burgh Wood Montessori Nursery School are trained to follow the Montessori methods and principles to enable each child to develop to their full potential. They provide a structured environment with free-flow play areas so that the child can follow and develop their own interests and interact with their peers whilst being guided by the Montessori practitioners. This promotes good self-esteem and develops independence whilst recognising the individual needs of each child. The Montessori methods of teaching enables young children to develop skills for a lifetime of fulfilled learning.

Montessori environments support the learning of children from birth to middle school

For children aged birth to three years

  • provide a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for the child
  • promote trust in themselves and their world
  • develop confidence in their emerging abilities
  • develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills
  • offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks


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